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Inspiring Style

             Wardrobe Edit

Do you enjoy opening your wardrobe in the morning?  


Or is it confusing and lack lustre, letting you down and making the process of getting dressed hard work and disappointing?


Do you have lots of clothes but nothing to wear? 


An Inspiring Style Wardrobe Edit is your solution to creating a wardrobe that is effectively curated, builds complete looks for you effortlessly that create a confident, cohesive and flawless personal style for every occasion, transforming getting dressed into something to look forward to whatever time of the day.

My expertise makes getting dressed an easy, positive experience for you. This service is a total game changer to creating personal style that has your name written all over it!  I will work with your existing wardrobe with a new set of expert eyes to re-mix it effectively for you and your life.  


Where there are gaps, I will create solutions with a bespoke expert shopping list, teaching you how and  why these additions will elevate your style and enjoyment while creating your cohesive and recognisable personal style. We will be able to use this shopping list during an Inspiring Style Personal Shop to elevate your wardrobes effectiveness and your confidence. 

During your Colour Analysis and Body shape Discovery you will learn which necklines, skirt lengths, trouser silhouettes and accessories to use and how to style them to create your signature style that feels effortless. 

Price £230

Wardrobe Edit time 2 - 3 hours 

If you live more than 60 minutes from my home address an extra £20 will be added to cover time and fuel.

Image Consultant

You will complete your Inspiring Style Wardrobe Edit experience with:

  • De cluttered and effective wardrobe for quick, easy navigation 

  • Assessed items for your body shape and skin tone

  • Styled outfits from your existing clothes

  • Selected items for charities or auctions

  • Expert shopping list to fill any gaps

  • Inspiring Style Guide Colour Analysis

  • Inspiring Style Guide Body Shape Discovery

Inspiring Style By Ellie definitely lived up to my expectations, I can't recommend Ellie enough!

        Sian, Yoga Teacher, Royal Tunbridge Wells


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