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Inspiring Style

             Colour Analysis

Do you know which colours work best for you? 


Use colour effectively at home and at work to send accurate and powerful messages! 


Learning which colours suit you best can transform both how you look and feel.  


​Science shows us that wearing your complementary colours will: 

  • Flatter you most

  • Even skin tone and make you look youthful

  • Enhance your best features

  • Elevate mood and performance and impact the mood of those around you

​Did you know that colour impacts directly how we feel and how others see you? Blue will calm you and those around you, while Red evokes power, Yellow radiates positivity and Orange is motivational.  


During your Inspiring Style Colour Analysis, I will teach you how to use colour effectively to work for you and your life creating the a more confident you.

Price £55

Colour Analysis session 45 minutes

*Book your How to Dress Your Physique session with your Best Colours session to save £10. 

These Inspiring Style services booked together form the styling essentials to dressing well!



...She made me feel young, feel well and feel good!
                             Mike, Retired, Canada
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