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Inspiring Style


Testimonials are from previous clients who have received their Inspiring Style Experience. I'd like to share with you 'what my clients say'...

" Having booked Ellie to carry out my styling for my brother in laws wedding, proved to be the best decision ever. Ellie has the natural talent to know what looks good on you before you do. She has completely taken me out of my comfort zone, but I feel so confident in her choice. I am thrilled with the outcome of the Online Styling service. Inspiring Style by Ellie definitely lived up to my expectations! I can't recommend Ellie enough! "

                                         Sian, Yoga Teacher, Royal Tunbridge Wells

Online Personal Styling

" Yes I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, it was great fun especially as we had just met for the first time. Ellie chose things I would not have picked and she made me feel very comfortable in them. I would book Ellie again without hesitation. She made me feel young, feel well and feel good. I especially liked the fabrics! The budget and the whole experience were spot on 100%." 

                                                                                                                                                                                      Mike, Retired, Canada

"Thank you for all you have done for me, my confidence and my passion for me again!"
                                                                                                        Sarah, Lawyer, Sussex

"Ellie has an amazing gift in styling people. She picked out the last dress in the shop that I would have dared to try on, I would have just admired it on the hanger and wished I could wear something like it. I did as I was told and tried it on....Oh My Goodness! I fell in love with it instantly. It was incredibly flattering (no mean feat!) and made me feel younger and more confident. I really felt well dressed for the party and I got so many compliments. She just has 'The Gift'."

                                                                                                       Nicky, Retired, Sussex

"Ellie introduced me to a beautiful and discreet boutique for my first ever bra fitting. I was made to feel very comfortable quickly. When Ellie fitted me into the correct size Bra in a shape which suited me I felt like I had new boobs! It was AMAZING! I had been wearing the wrong size completely. The correct size and shape made me feel like I had had a breast enhancement and gave me the boobs I'd always wanted without any surgery. Even in my plain t shirt my figure looked amazing with the right bra.'"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Anonymous, Sussex 

" Thank you so much for an amazing day, Ellie! More people as loving and caring as you is what we need in this industry. Wish you nothing but the best! " 

                                                                                                                                                 Maria, Fashion Model, London

" Just had my Colours done with @inspiringstylebyellie Such a lovely, interesting experience. I now know which colours to buy to suit my complexion and which are best avoided, which is helpful now I've turned 40 - I need all the help I can get! Thank so much Ellie - A 5* service I'd highly recommend to anyone! "

                                                                                                                                           Cressy, Beauty Therapist, East Sussex

" Thank you so much. I had a really good time and am already wearing the new wardrobe - for fear of it becoming 'too special'! Those Guides and Style Boards you sent me are really helpful!"     
                                                                                Evan, IT specialist & musician, London  

"Two Mums the other day said I always look really well put together! Boom!! I'm literally always getting stopped by people to ask about my clothes!! Yay! You're a star! As Always! Thank you." xx
                                                                                                                                           Sarah, Lawyer, Sussex  

" Having never had the confidence in my choice of what to wear it was a wonderful relief to put myself in the hands of someone who has a good, clear, unprejudiced eye for this realm. Ellie's trained eye was quickly able to point me in the direction of choices I would not have thought of myself. she was efficient on time. Indeed I instantly felt comfortable with the feel & look of her first suggestion for a new suit. This partly testament to the pre work she had put in before the actual shop & her vast knowledge of what's available in different outlets. Her nuggets of information were enlightening; her observations shrewd but not critical. My Personal Shop taught me that a serious shopping experience can be such a pleasure when in the company of Ellie whose opinion and passion for fashion is so evident but not overbearing. The clothes made me want to stand up straight because I felt confident. I was even complimented by a passer by who was shopping with her son!"
                                                                                                                                                Richard, Portrait Painter, Surrey

"Ellie delivered and then some! I loved my Style boards for my Online Shop. It was wonderful not only to have some ideas for putting garments together to make outfits, but discovering new colours I could wear and new shops was fantastic. Best of all Ellie made it really simple to shop by including links to garments so that I could simply click the link and add to my basket. When the items arrived I was delighted. Ellie made loads of suggestions of how I could layer items up for warmth and what would work with existing items I own. Best of all was trying on items I never would have chosen myself and findng that not only did they fit, but that they looked amazing. Now all I need is a few more days in the week so I can show off all my lovely clothes!"
                                                                                                          Adeline,Yoga Teacher & Personal Trainer

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