Inspiring Style

             Body Shape Discovery

Do you know how to dress your body shape?

Do you know which body shape you have?

My clients carry themselves well because they come to Inspiring Style for my expertise to select clothes that fit them seamlessly with fabrics and styles that have their personality written all over them.


Dressing well starts with knowing your body shape through an assessment with me, to advise on your figure flattering list of ideal styles, fabrics and game-changing details with the clever use of accessories to enhance what you love and flatter areas you don't. 

You will learn from me personally how to dress as the most confident you. Both dressing and shopping effectively will become easy and enjoyable experiences in your life after your Inspiring Style Body Shape Discovery. 

Price £45 


Body Shape Discovery time 45 minutes

*Book an Inspiring Style Body Shape Discovery with Colour Discovery experience and save £10.  


These Inspiring Style services booked together form the building blocks to develop great personal style as the best you!


Ellie has an amazing gift in styling people. I am a hard to dress Apple shape... I had no idea what to look for...Then she picked out the last dress in the shop that I would have dared to try on, I would have just admired it on the hanger and wished I could wear something like it....Oh My Goodness! I fell in love with it instantly. It was incredibly flattering....She just has 'The Gift'                                 

                                                   Nicky, Retired, Sussex