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Inspiring Style

             How to Dress Your Physique 

Do you know how to Dress Your Physique?

My male clients carry themselves well because they come to Inspiring Style for my solution focused expertise, to select clothes that fit well and have your personality written all over them increasing self confidence.


Dressing well starts with understanding your physique, for your most physique enhancing list of clothes and game changing details to work for you. Quick and straightforward, learn how to dress and shop hassle free to get on with your day. 

Pyhsique Analysis at your home £60*​


Physique Analysis in London £80​

*If your address is more than 1 hour from Forest Row, Sussex a £20 fee will be added.


Master the art of dressing well by booking your Colour and Physsique Analysis together. Giving you the Personal Styling Essentials to create stylish and elevated looks.

Wardrobe Edit
Her nuggets of information were enlightening; her observations shrewd but not critical. 
                     Richard, Portrait Painter, Surrey


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