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Inspiring Style

             Wardrobe Edit

Is your wardrobe working for you? 


Or is it confusing and letting you down, making the process of getting dressed hard work and disappointing? 

Let me help you to find solutions with a focus on your existing clothes.

An Inspiring Style Wardrobe Edit is your solution to creating a wardrobe that is effectively curated, builds combinations of clothes for you that ensure you look and feel your best for every occasion and transforms getting dressed into an enjoyable and hassle free experience. 


Your appointment will begin with your Colour and Physique Analysis. These will teach you which tones of colour and styles to wear to enhance your natural assets. 


I will then work with your existing wardrobe with a new set of expert eyes to re-mix it effectively for easier navigation and selection.  We can remove items which create negativity in your wardrobe or no longer serve a purpose. Where there are gaps, I will create simple solutions with a shopping list to ensure your wardrobe is effective for you. We can arrange your Inspiring Style Personal Shop to elevate your wardrobe and Personal Style to the next level transforming your confidence too or you can take the list shopping yourself.


Your outfits will feel effortless while looking seamlessly finished with exquisite details. 

Price £230

Wardrobe Edit session 2-3 hours

If you live more than 60 minutes from my home address an extra £20 will be added to cover time and fuel.

You will complete your Inspiring Style Wardrobe Edit session with:

  • Professionally curated stylish and effective wardrobe for hassle free dressing

  • Expert shopping list of items advised to fill gaps 

  • Inspiring Style Guide for dressing your skin tone

  • Inspiring Style Guide for dressing your physique

Wardrobe Edit
...I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, it was great fun, especially as we had just met for the first time..
                                Mike, Retired, Canada


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