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Inspiring Style
             Bra Fitting Service


Did you know that 79% of women in the UK are wearing the wrong size cup or band? 

Why have a professional Bra Fitting?

  • Benefits Posture

  • Enables Comfort

  • Supports Bust 

  • Removes stress from shoulders

  • Lifts to create a longer, slimmer waist 


Inspiring Style High Street Bra Fitting

Guildford, Tunbridge Wells, Bluewater, Oxted

Price £80

Bra Fitting time 1 hour

Inspiring Style Private Suite Bra Fitting at John Lewis

30 minute bolt on to Personal Shop


Inspiring Style Luxury Suite Bra Fittng at Harvey Nichols

30 minute bolt on to Personal Shop 


Everyone with a bust deserves to live their life in comfort wearing glorious underwear, its easy when you have a well fitted bra. The session will teach you the tools you need to fit your own bra successfully going forward and you will walk away with new bras which fit perfectly, comfortable in your bra. Wear under your clothes enhancing your figure and giving your clothes the opportunity to fit you better than ever.

To book in click on the link below. Alternatively you can book a Free Consultation under the Book Online Tab to discuss your requirements.

Personal Shopper

Ellie has completely taken me out of my comfort zone, but I feel so confident in her choice....I can't recommend Ellie enough!

                       Sian, Yoga Teacher, Royal Tunbridge Wells


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