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Inspiring Style

             Personal Shopping


Do you find shopping stressful?

Do you walk into a shop and feel overwhelmed?


Are you confused by which brands work for you?


Do you buy clothes out of necessity rather than joy? 


Do you feel that great personal style only applies to other people?

Do you go shopping only to leave with nothing?


These are all points I hear regularly when my clients first come to me at Inspiring Style. I offer the solution to make shopping exciting and effective for you! When you book an Inspiring Style Personal Shopping session watch your negative shopping experiences disappear. My pre shopping consultation via video call or in person enables me to have pre selected items for you before you even get to the shops so all you have to do is decide what to take home. I will create complete looks for you to enjoy with accessories to elevate your personal style in colours and silhouettes to enhance your confidence!

I have shopped for Clients' with a budget of £250 up to £5000. The key to a successful Personal Shop is not down to the budget but curating a wardrobe which speaks to your personality and your lifestyle. This is what I do for you, so every penny is spent well.

Booking your Inspiring Style Personal Shopping Experience to change how you shop for life! Resulting in a stylish more confident YOU. A Personal Shopper is no longer just for the rich and famous!


Inspiring Style High Street Personal Shopping Experience

Guildford, Horsham, Tunbridge Wells, Bluewater

Price £270

Personal Shopping time 2 hours

Inspiring Style Private Suite Experience at John Lewis

Personal Shopping time 2 hours

Price £280

Inspiring Style Luxury Suite Experience at Harvey Nichols 

Available from October 2023

Price £300

Personal Shopping time 2 hours

Inspiring Style Luxury Harvey Nichols Experience for 2

Price £575

Personal Shopping time 3-4 hours

Inspiring Style Personal Shop @ Doodie Stark

Price £100

Personal Shopping time 2 hours


*If you haven’t received an Inspiring Style Colour and Body Shape Discovery your session will be 45 minutes longer per person to include these essential styling services at  £100.



You will complete your Inspiring Style Personal Shopping experience with:

  • New clothes you love which fit and flatter you

  • Personal Style board to track your style Journey

  • Your own Inspiring Style tote bag (subject to availability)

*Inspiring Style Files for colour season and body shape

Ellie has completely taken me out of my comfort zone, but I feel so confident in her choice....I can't recommend Ellie enough!

                       Sian, Yoga Teacher, Royal Tunbridge Wells


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