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               Personal Shopping 

Do you find shopping stressful and time consuming?

Are you confused by which brands work for you?

Do you buy clothes out of necessity rather than joy? 

Do you feel that great personal style only applies to other people?

These are all points I hear regularly when my clients first come to me at Inspiring Style. I offer the solution to make shopping fun and effective with all the clothes ready for you with no browsing necessary! When you book an Inspiring Style Personal Shopping session watch your negative and exhausting shopping trips disappear. 

Booking an Inspiring Style Personal Shopping session will change how you shop for life!

Price £250 - £300

Personal Shopping session 2-3 hours

London, Bluewater, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Sussex. 

*If you haven’t received an Inspiring Style Wardrobe Edit, your session will be 30 minutes longer to include physique and colour analysis to begin with a discounted rate of £55 for these services.

You will complete your Inspiring Style Personal Shopping session with:

  • New items you feel confident in which fit your physique and personality

  • Inspiring Style Guide Your personal style

  • Inspiring Style Guide High street and designer brands to shop

  • Personal colour fan

  • Your own Inspiring Style tote bag

  • Exclusive access to Inspiring Style's clothes ideas for work and the weekends


*Confirmation Colour and Body Shape Analysis 


Ellie's trained eye was quickly able to point me in direction of choices I would not have thought of myself. Indeed I instantly felt comfortable with the feel and look of her first suggestion.
Richard, Portrait Painter, Surrey



Ellie  Cooper-Simpson

Personal Fashion Stylist 




London & The South East

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