Inspiring Style
            Corporate Styling
Leaving a professional, positive and memorable impression is the goal of personal styling for all my corporate clients. 
Portraying yourself confidently within a corporate environment in a brand appropriate way will support your own personal success as well as that of the wider business. 
Work places have many different dress codes. Inspiring Style will create the ideal wardrobe which works with the etiquette required and importantly makes getting dressed easy and enjoyable.
Inspiring Style works with you and your aspirations to curate the right clothes combinations for you for every occasion. Creating impact on your arrival into a room will ensure a confident and authoritative presence no matter your position. 
Price from £260
Corporate Styling 2-3 hours

London, Guildford, Bluewater, Tunbridge Wells, Sussex. 

*If you haven’t received an Inspiring Style Wardrobe Edit, your session will be 45 minutes longer to include physique and colour analysis to begin with a discounted rate of £70 for these services.


You will complete your Inspiring Style Corporate Styling session with:

  • New items you feel confident in which fit your physique and personality while correct for the etiquette required

  • Your own Inspiring Style tote bag (subject to availability)

*Confirmation Colour and Physique Analysis 

Having never had the confidence in my choice of what to wear it was a wonderful relief to put myself in the hands of someone who has a good, clear, unprejudiced eye for this realm.
                                Richard, Portrait Painter, Surrey