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Personal Fashion Stylist Ellie Cooper-Simpson

Inspiring Style



  • Wardrobe Edit

  • Personal Shopping in London, Guildford, Horsham, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Bluewater and Doodie Stark.

  • Luxury Personal Shopping Experience at Harvey Nichols Suite, London.

  • Colour Analysis & Body Shape 

  • Personal Styling

  • Online Personal Shopping  

  • Monthly Outfit Inspiration Subscription - 'Style Me' 


  • Wardrobe Edit

  • Personal Shopping in London, Guildford, Horsham, Royal Tunbridge Wells and Bluewater.

  • Luxury Personal Shopping Experience at Harvey Nichols Suite, London.

  • Colour Analysis & Physique Analysis 

  • Personal Styling

  • Online Personal Shopping  

Style Workshops

  • A fun and interactive way to enjoy Personal Styling as a group experience. Enjoy with friends, in a high street store or as a corporate event. Look out for exclusive Inspiring Style VIP events. Subscribe today to get on my guest list!

Inspiring Style

             About me

Welcome to Inspiring Style by Ellie. I am known for creating timeless and classic personal style for men and women like you across London and the South East. I offer online experiences for national and international clients. 


I have over 20 years’ experience working in fashion and styling with brands and designers including Sharon Wauchob at London Fashion Week 2019, Bare Fashion -  London's single 100% Vegan Fashion Show, 1x1 Studio at London Fashion Week Men's, pop princess Kimberley Wyatt, celebrity chef Tess Ward to name but a few.  


I am a highly trained Personal Stylist offering client's personal styling services in London, Kent, Sussex and Surrey. Since receiving a Diploma in Personal Style and Colour Analysis from the highly regarded London College of Style I have enjoyed creating many exquisite wardrobes for my clients beginning with Inspiring Style colour and body shape analysis to a Wardrobe Edit to Personal Shopping in London and the South East. I have been complimented by my clients on my exquisite taste and seamless services allowing me to introduce to you to my tried and tested solutions and expert knowledge to create an effective, flawless and flattering wardrobe for your daily enjoyment. A wardrobe curated with only you in mind is the discovery to ignite your confidence!

​The most confident people walk into a room and draw attention without saying a word. Carefully considered styling has the power to transform how you see yourself, elevating your relationships, accelerating your work success, and creating the best version of yourself. This is what I do for all my clients. It is a life changing and confidence transforming journey you are about to begin.

Would you like a carefully curated wardrobe which highlights your assets, flatters you and speaks to the world about who you are under your clothes. I create professionally edited wardrobe space organised for straightforward selection of stylish looks, that slot into your life for effortless style and maximised confidence while always evoking you and never just the latest trends!


I am passionate about teaching my clients to buy better, buy less and wear more!


Ellie x

Personal Shopper
Colour Analysis Fan

Inspiring Style's bespoke services are tried and tested for success with Ellie's exquisite taste and seamless services.

Personal Stylist

Brands I have collaborated with

London Fashion Week
Bare Fashion Show Vegan Fashion
Space NK Collaboration

"Thank you for all you have done for me, my confidence and my passion for me again!"                                                                                                        Sarah, Lawyer, Sussex


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