Cosy knits for work, weekend, day & night.

With the weather fully turned to autumnal blustery showers all I want to put on in the morning is a jumper these days. Feeling cold makes life less enjoyable doesn't it? I have had a couple of requests for advice for keeping warm this time of the year while looking well dressed and stylish instead of scruffy and frumpy. So here are my top tips for not just staying warm but being cosy with style!

Wear knits over a layering tee. It's all about layers and a layering tee will trap that extra air layer next to your skin.

Below are some options from Mint Velvet, Me&Em & Zara.

Wear knits which have a natural wool content in them, this will mean you don't sweat and are far more comfortable. If you find wool itchy be sure to put on a layering tee first.

Below are some options from Ba&sh Paris, Zara & Custommade at Feather & Stitch.

Invest in a couple of waist belts to enhance your waist. If pairing with a dress try placing the belt over the jumper at your natural waist but if worn with a skirt try a full tuck or if you prefer a french tuck (slight tuck) to show a portion of your waist and the skirt underneath instantly flattering your figure.

Below are some options from Boden, Mango and H&M.

Cropped Jumpers are a great way of making a jumper flattering with the hem finishing at your smallest point. Add a high-waisted trouser, jean or pencil skirt (rectangle or strawberry shapes only) and you will instantly have a super stylish look.

Below are some options from Victoria Beckham, & other stories and Arket

Finer knits with a roll neck look fantastic under or over a slip dress. Add a thinner waist belt to this look to enhanced your waist. This look will suit pear shapes particularly well as the knit balances your shoulders to your hips. This will work especially well if you wear a fine knit with a puff at the


Below are some ideas of how to style this on trend look from Annex, Mint Velvet and All Saints.

An evening knit. This is something we all dream about but they are not easy to find. Here are some great options. Pair with skirts and tights for an evening look or leather or velvet trousers.

Below are some ideas for warm evenings out from Bash Paris and Zara.

I hope these ideas, tips & tricks help to keep you cosy with style this season. Remember you can always wear knits back to front too like in my instagram photo today to make them work harder in your wardrobe and elevate your style!

Heres to cosy days this winter!

Ellie x