Autumn Footwear & Coats! Create your own capsule A/W wardrobe ready for everything!

Finding the right footwear can be mind boggling for many women. The right pair of shoes can elevate your outfit and be a game changer for your personal style and confidence. I have experience with well known and smaller brands with my go to styles below.

The solution to your essential footwear collection - 4 capsule wardrobe pairs which are all comfortable, stylish and versatile.

Below are my 4 must have styles for Autumn/Winter

1. Trainers - They can be worn with just about any day time outfit and look and feel great.

Air & Grace Cru are my Stylist choice! With their 'patented Tender Loving Air technology is the wedge of loveliness hidden inside to make your feet feel luxuriously comfortable' (Quote A&G website). With lots of beautiful and unique designs to choose from my first pair were these Star beauties shown below available online from also stocked in Doodie Stark, Lindfield and Horsham! Below are some great options for every budget!

Air & Grace Cru £169 Dune Edris Silver £75 M&S £45

2. Ankle Boots - Winter calls for boots to keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable. Air & Grace Starlight are my Stylist choice! These boots have enough sass to finish off almost any outfit perfectly and will be endlessly versatile with jeans, skirts or dresses. Made with the A&G 'patented Tender Loving Air technology is the wedge of loveliness hidden inside to make your feet feel luxuriously comfortable' (Quote A&G website). Size up for your true size in A&G Stellar and Starlight Boots. Below are great options for every budget!

Air & Grace Starlight £279 Hush Audley £189 Zara Cowboy £119

3. Flat or low heeled smart shoes. It is important to own a pair of shoes which you can wear with formal trousers that are not a boot. Boots will interfere with the drop of a trouser and cause them to rise up. Rogue Matilda Brogues are my Stylist Choice! My own pair are pale pink but the colour below will suit this season. Dress these down with midi dresses and jeans too. Below are great options for every budget!

Rogue Matilda brogues £165 Boden Hannah £90 Zara Ballerinas 25.99

4. Calf to knee high heeled leather or suede boots are an essential. These will be your best friend for evenings out with the girls. Mint Velvet Harley boots are my Stylist choice! Under skirts and dresses or over leather trousers and skinny jeans they will be a staple. Ensure you use a suede protector spray before wearing suede footwear, even on dark coloured suede you will notice they look newer for longer and will have a better water resistant coating.

Bash Paris Clody £455 Mint Velvet Harley £179 M&S Boots £49.50

Don't let your shoes let you down when it comes to style or comfort! With these four pairs in your wardrobe you will always have a pair of shoes to compliment your out fit for every occasion.

Top Tips for finding the perfect coat.

Coats are essential for our cold/wet winters but it can be difficult to find the flattering styles perfect for you. It can be an expensive investment so to ensure you make the best choice for you my stylist edit is here to help!

1. Wear a layering Tee with a long sleeve fine knit jumper so you will be able to wear knits under the coat in comfort. The friction created by knitwear that you are likely to wear in the winter is different to that of a silk or cotton blouse. This will also help you to find the right size, some ladies may want to size up to fit a denim or leather jacket underneath too.

2. Check the shoulders do not droop and the length of the cuffs in the mirror. Too long and the coat will not be useful for putting on children's winter accessories or finding things in your handbag, too short and you will find you cannot move your arms comfortably.

3. Check the hem length is right for you and falls to a flattering point of your body.

These 3 essential styles will keep you warm, dry and looking great.

Waterproof Parka

A parka is perfect for the school run and rainy days, walks in country and whatever you want to throw at it. This will be considerably more useful if you choose one with a hood.

Zadig Voltaire £385 Mint Velvet £159 Zara £89.99

Wool Coat

A wool coat is great for an evening out and wearing over dresses and finer fabrics. It will be more formal and look great with either boots or trainers, dresses or jeans! Choose one in a colour which is going to complement your wardrobe and speaks to the world about your personality. Add a belt to cinch in your waist to add some elegance to the look if you want to elevate your style.

Bash Paris Adele £550 Mint Velvet Houndstooth £199 M&S £99

A Leather or Faux fur Jacket is a great addition to your winter wardrobe adding some texture to your outfits. Either of these choices below will immediately elevate your look to be relevant and on trend. Can be used as casual or smart casual therefore all having many uses and you will find it is the solution for many outfits. Below are 3 styles right for you right now!

All Saints Estella Biker £380 Hush Faux Fur Ella £175 Warehouse Aviator £89

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Happy days!

Ellie x